Align goals, inculcate win-win attitude, measure performance, develop transparency

Align goals

Align your departmental/individual goals with organizational goals and achieve win-win outcome. Akrivia HCM help you to assign organizational KPIs to departmental/individual objectives

Assess reward

Assess your employees' performance with ease, provide constructive feedback throughout the appraisal cycle, suggest needed trainings / improvement, take better promotion and/or compensation decisions

Achieve wholistic feedback

Measure performance with a holistic and ongoing view of your workforce, gain deeper understanding of your people through peer reviews, 360/180-degree reviews, rating scales, weights and comments

Set and cascade KPIs

Define organizational KPIs and cascade them to functional / divisional / departmental / teams / shared / individual levels; so that managers can link their goals with bigger business picture

Develop continuously

Make development a year-round practice. Get continuous support, feedback and improvement with regular coaching and recognizing achievements as they happen

Plan individual development

Create personalized training / development plans, both as a Manager and as an employee, improve competence, optimize performance, be more successful at job or prepare for future opportunity

Develop competency

Assign competencies, assess progress, develop and improve people’s skills, behaviors and traits through performance management system

Mitigate flight risk

Identify flight risks, then take actions to address challenges, prevent turnover, and keep your top performers engaged through predictive analytics

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