Track, utilize and proactively maintain your assets

Categorize asset types

Identify suitable asset types as applicable for your organization

Map asset

Map your asset to respective type and generate unique ID

Issue and receive assets

Issue and takeback the asset based on requirement easily

Track asset

Track allocation or storage (such as allocated to an employee along with location or location of storage)

Track asset condition

Easily track your asset working status (such as Working, not working, under maintenance, written-off) and initiate appropriate actions

Maintain asset

Maintain proactive / reactive maintenance register and get triggers on maintenance due date

Audit assets

Audit your assets any time with ease

Run utilization reports

Identify the assets that are mostly used, critical and scarcely used along with MTTF & MTBF trends and initiate appropriate purchase decisions

Run ROI report

Run ROI report, which takes care of many parameters such as utilization, down time, maintenance/repair costs

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