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Meaningful Employee Engagement For A Hybrid Workforce

With organisations struggling to get back on their feet completely, a new concept that has given hope is the hybrid workforce. The hybrid workplace model…

hrm software remote work tracking

5 Challenges of Recruitment and Onboarding of Remote Workers and How Software Solutions Can Help

Many businesses remain hesitant in hiring employees remotely due to new factors at play. Challenges such as the lack of face-to-face interactions and different working…

human resource enagagement

HR Professionals-The Ambassadors of Change In The New Normal

Increasing the resilience of an organisation and its people lies in strengthening the Human Resource (HR) department of any organisation. The role of the HR…

employee appraisal recognisation

Effective Employee Recognition

Employee recognition, sometimes known as social recognition or staff appreciation, includes formal and informal ways to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions made by employees towards…


HR Response Plan to an Employee Testing COVID Positive

The Coronavirus outbreak has everyone on edge. Routine screening at work or a phone call might be the way bad news comes to light that…

Recruitment Strategies in 2021

6 Recruitment Strategies To Hire Efficiently In 2021

Moving away from traditional hiring methods is the key to attract exceptional talents during the pandemic. Know the easy & quick 6 strategies to hire better.

How Should You Evaluate Employee's Performance During Covid?

How Should You Evaluate Employee’s Performance During Covid?

Evaluating employee performance during Covid must be unconventional and positive. Learn how you can do so.

10 Things That Will Make Your Employees Stay Loyal

10 Things That Will Make Your Employees Stay Loyal

Employee loyalty is the biggest factors to determine an organization’s stance. Here are 10 tips to improve employee loyalty.

Excel or Software - Which Is Better For Running Payroll?

Excel or Software – Which Is Better For Running Payroll?

We help modern HRs understand the importance of an HRMS solution & its effectiveness over Excel.