Maintain up to date information,achieve single point of truth

Maintain one record

Access complete details about each employee through a single system of record

Get easy access

Access to employee data at any time from any module

Access integrated data

Leverage employee data throughout Akrivia HCM, gain insights and make more informed decisions

Implement security

Only authorized users and roles will be allowed to view sensitive employee information through role-based security

Show visual org chart

Visually navigate through interactive organizational hierarchy chart with ease, view the company structure and employee ranking and one’s place within it

Integrated employee data

Maintain your employee information in one place, access from anywhere, anytime, eliminate the need to access multiple systems. Make any update visible throughout the system

Access and update

View complete information about the employee, direct reports, and key data. Any update to the employee is immediate and available throughout Akrivia HCM

Config workflow approvals

Tailor the approvals as per the needsof your organization. Configure workflows to mirror your specific approval processes

Implement self service

Configure and control the information that employees can update themselves, give autonomy, make updates easier, reduce burden on HR

Get notifications

View your employee change requests on your home screen when you log in. Also view real-time notifications so that you can take necessary actions

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