Accomplishment is the amount of work an employee has completed within a period by using their expertise and personal skills to achieve the work target set by their employers within a defined time. These accomplishments indicate how well the employee is performing within his or her function. 

    Things to consider when accomplishing tasks: 

    Time Devoted – When an employee sets a work target, their accomplishment can be measured by the amount of time they spend in reaching that outcome. 

    Quality Reached – Another way to evaluate employees is to determine the quality and accuracy of the work they produce and to assess their adherence to any standards of quality or job requirements that were set. 

    Efforts – this item considers the skills set and expertise the employee used and exhibited in accomplishing the work goals. 

    Results – the outcome that the employee turns in is the most crucial factor in measuring the employee’s accomplishment. 

    When employees accomplish targets, their employers must recognize their success with monetary or non-monetary compensations such as bonuses or promotions. These bonuses are essential to increase the workforce’s motivation, confidence, and willingness to strive to improve their performance constantly. When employees are highly motivated and engaged to their maximum potential, they exhibit better job results and more significant accomplishments. 

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