Agile (method)

    A plan to reach a high-level goal and break down the project into several parts is known as the agile method. It is focused on constant feedback and results across all phases. In this method, the team starts working from 1st part and is always ready for the marketplace changes.  

    It is an iterative framework for completing complex projects. It focuses on short development cycles and frequent communication between teams, customers, and other stakeholders.  

    Process of using the agile method: 

    • First, break the work into manageable chunks called user stories.
    • Work together with stakeholders to prioritize which tasks should be completed based on their impact and importance.
    • Next, divide the work among your team members. Together you will create a plan and estimate how long each task will take.
    • In the end, evaluate time spent vs. time estimated and make course corrections for the next phase.
    • The goal is to learn along the way, making small improvements that add up to better overall results over time.

    Values of agile method: 

    • People and communications above processes and tools. 
    • Using software above complex documentation. 
    • Collaboration of customer above negotiating the contract. 
    • Ready to change for betterment over sticking to plan.  

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