Center of excellence

    It is a term most commonly used to describe a team, entity, and shared facility that gives best practices, leadership, training, and research support that focus on area programs. In business and especially marketing, Customer Operations should work to build disruptive innovation capabilities that focus on resources and expertise in a discipline or ability to attain and sustain world-class performance. These long-term groups combine learning and oversight around a specific area, shifting the organization across multiple domains.

    For example, you may gather marketing heads from different rent product lines in a Chief Operating Officer around implementing best practices for social customer care with shared customer data and content customization. It would provide training and resources for all of the teams involved and gather all the data and insights from each group to create a strong feedback loop.

    Benefits of Center of excellence:

    • Establishing focus: Dedicated teams strengthen a company’s reputation and make it clear to employees and the world that an organization focuses on achieving excellence.
    • Reduce risks: It is not affected by the company’s daily business. A corporation does not have to deal with the immediate pressures of revenue generation. Instead, a corporation can focus on single business activity, process, or capability.
    • Brings flexibility: CoEs do not have the same limitations that product teams typically face. They can innovate quickly and fail fast without the burden of process overheads.
    • Cost monitoring: CoEs makes it possible to control and track costs. They help organizations measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and outcomes, especially return on investment (ROI). They also help in planning and defining future focus areas.

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