Climate Surveys

    Employee Climate Surveys are used for organizational training and development and provide a picture of your organization’s needs. Employee opinions on varied topics, such as the company’s performance in communicating its objective to employees, or local issues such as the quality of the working environment, can be gathered through these surveys.

    These surveys frequently include multiple-choice questions categorized along with one or more organizational characteristics.

    The type of topics covered in these surveys

    1. Creativity
    2. Innovation
    3. Senior Executives
    4. Relationships with Others
    5. Expertise in a specific field
    6. Compensation and Benefits
    7. Service to Customers
    8. Obtaining Results with Communication
    9. Thinking Analytically
    10. Mentoring
    11. Planning for the Future
    12. Teamwork
    13. Teamwork
    14. Leadership in Staff Development

    This type of feedback procedure provides insight into how the employee views the organization on various levels. This procedure aids the organization’s (Human Resources Department) understanding of how employees view them.

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