Compensatory Off

    “A compensatory off is a benefit given to an employee by the employer, which is typically granted as compensation for working on a paid holiday or weekend.”

    Compensatory off is called by various names, such as compensatory time or compensatory time off or compensatory time-off plan. It does not need to be an equivalent number to the extra hours worked on weekends or holidays. Employers will specify which days an employee cannot take off by providing a list of specific days and dates where employees can take compensatory leave and a list of those days when they cannot.

    Who is eligible for compensatory off?

    Eligibility Criteria of Compensatory Off differs from one company to another. But, this is what most companies follow. If you work in the night shift, you can avail yourself half compensatory off, and if you work on a holiday or a holiday falls during your working hours, then you are required to work or have been asked to work for extra 3 hours (or more) after your regular weekly scheduled hours. You may also be eligible for the half compensatory off even if there is no holiday, but you have to work for the said number of hours. Do note that you need to have worked for 40 hours a week before this benefit comes into effect.

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