Akrivia HCM

Manage your Human Capital from a single system

Manage your HR data securely, create employee ownership, get complete picture and valuable insights at anytime, from anywhere

Access anytime

Access anytime, anywhere

Akrivia HCM is hosted on cloud and hence your employee data is accessible 24x7, 365 days. You can access the data using the device of your choice on web or mobile. Akrivia HCM is easy to learn and easy to operate. It gives employees control of their data with anytime access, and helps organizations make sure their employee information is accurate and up to date

Create Employee Ownership

Akrivia HCM provides your employees direct access to view and manage their own data and activities; which, not only empowers them, but also reduces the administrative burden on HR so that your HR can focus more on strategic initiatives

Gain valuable insights

Understanding what drives your business is critical to your success. Akrivia HCM enables availability of the right data to the right people at the right time. You can track different metrics and come out with analytics through our interactive dashboards to uncover trends, evaluate benchmarks and create meaningful presentations from charts and graphs. You can also get insights into the turnover rates by Department, by Location and by Age, and with this data, you can easily create or modify strategies.

One HCM software platform, many uses

When it comes to managing your people, look no further. We've got it covered.

Security & Privacy

Akrivia HCM is built based on General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) and hence you can be assured of Security and privacy

Self Service & Ownership

Your employees can access and update their own personal data securely, freeing time for HR admins to focus on strategic initiatives


Combine workforce data to uncover trends, evaluate benchmarks and create meaningful presentations from charts and graphs.

Manage Data & Documents

A single platform to hold all your employee records and documents centrally, provides easy to access, eliminates complicated integrations, increases accuracy, and enhances compliance

View complete picture

View complete picture about the selected employee from joining date till today covering Personal details, Subscriptions & Memberships, Employment history, Skills, Capabilities, Hobbies / Interests etc.

Calculate pay continuously

A flexible rule engine for time & pay, that calculates pay continuously throughout the pay period, produces high-quality payroll and enables time for audits

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