Create a culture of learning, provide continuous opportunities for employees to grow, meet growing demands

Engage employees

Inculcate learning habit. Make learning interactive, engaging, interesting and skillful

Empower employees

Provide a self-directed approach to learning, deciding what, when and how an employee wants to learn

Develop employees

Address individual learning styles, build leaders, accelerate your people's growth

Create learning plans

Provide a clear path for your employee's development. Help them create their own learning plans to improve competence and be more successful

Create course catalogs

Create rich course catalogs suitable for your company’s business. Encourage your employees to self-enroll and expand their knowledge outside of their field

Address traditional learning

Cater to different learning options including classroom, virtual classroom, eLearning and webinars. Provide content, tools, activities and goals to your employees; ensure achievement and career advancement

Improve social learning

Create sharing, caring, collaborating and engaging environment among peers through Knowledge Management environment, improve the power of collective knowledge

Track and ensure compliance

Track training / re-training requirements, progress on learning, adherence to milestones, compliance to mandatory trainings, validity expiration alerts, view extensive reporting capabilities

Coach and share

Provide a platform for all employees to share insights and best practices. Assign coaching roles to subject matter experts, help educate and mentor other employees

Uninterrupted learning app

Have the convenience and flexibility to learn on the go. Have the provision to pre-download the content, make learning uninterrupted even if internet connection goes off

Send notifications

Maintain all the training credentials up to date for all your employees. Send notifications / alerts / emails / SMS for mandatory trainings; also, before an existing certification validity expires

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