Make your employee time off easier to configure, request and approve through Akrivia HCM Leave Management System

Reduce admin time

Utilize your time effectively on leave management through a comprehensive view holidays list, shift / personal calendar, available leaves and delegation options etc. in one place

Ensure compliance

Leave requests gets checked against set policies in real time to enforce rules such as minimum balances or black-out periods

Empower people

Provide options to your employees to manage their absence requests anytime, anywhere, using a computer, tablet, or mobile device

Configure leave policies

Configure all the applicable leave policies based on your business needs. Akrivia HCM blocks requests that violates set policies and provides respective reasons to the requester

Show calendar view

You and your employee get a multi-week view for greater visibility across your team and into the future for better decision making and needed adjustments

Feel integrated experience

View policies, approval hierarchy, balances, holidays, calendar, leave history, availability, delegation before raisingrequests/cancellation; receive status through Alerts / Notifications / SMS / Emails

View reports

Our interactive dashboard provides graphical representations along with applicable reports. Each report can be generated by applying filters such as person / department; leave type; date(s) and more

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