Provide opportunities to meet their full potential, imbibe a win-win attitude, align with company culture

Engage new hires

Engage new hires before day one and avoid ghost rate. Connect them with their teams and your company culture, values and goals

Reduce time to productivity

Minimize paperwork, establish a clear understanding about core job responsibilities and expectations towards productive outcome

Streamline the process

Focus on people and communication; let Managers communicate job expectations and track the new hire's progress to increase productivity from the start

Create an impact

Make sure that the new hire / existing employee moving to new role feels important. Connect new hires with their team, a mentor, and other key employees; build relationships even before their first day

Support day-one readiness

Make the new hires walk through the key steps of the onboarding process and complete the same in less duration

Set the basics right

Create new employee accounts, manage onboarding, generate reports, conduct induction, streamline, engage and interact with the new hire in a most efficient manner

Make onboard tasks easy

Provide window for new hires to set up and their portals. Initiate basic tasks such as updating profiles and paper works such as policies, tax forms and more even before their joining date

Set up work environment

Setup office environment, seating, systems, official email, equipment,workflows and checklists and more for the hew hire

Config onboarding process

Make your workflow approvals and forms completely configurable, create a consistent and repeatable onboarding process

Align culture

Before day one, engage that new hires are excited about joining your organization. Highlight your culture with embedded video and personalized welcome messages

Instant benefits enrollment

Make the new hires enroll for benefits directly from the onboarding process and provide them a sense of security and an understanding of their full employee package

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