Preview, update, verify and run payroll with click of a button any time during the pay cycle and Be at peace

Save time

Cut your payroll processing time significantly, and free up your resources

Improve accuracy

Reduce errors by combining pay and time in a single system

Increase ROI

Streamline your payroll processes and achieve a greater bottom line

Calculate continuously

Preview, make edits and adjustments, view results in real-time and run payroll at any time during the pay cycle. Achieve better accuracy and compliance prior to commit

Ease compliance

Easily address complex payroll and tax rules using our rules-based policy engine, which help you manage federal and state compliance requirements

Reduce errors

Get instant notification regarding potential payroll errors, identify and address errors as they are introduced before commit, reduce errors and have a more accurate payroll

Avoid duplicate entries

Avoid duplicate data entries and batch processes through payroll, time and HR modules combined as part of an integrated Akrivia HCM, achieve data flows across the system in real time

Manage tax aspects

Automatically calculate, withhold, and file payroll taxes, including complex multi-jurisdictional taxes with Akrivia HCM, focus on your core business

Create employee self service

Provide access to your employees to view their personal data, pay and tax information so that they manage their information from anywhere, at any time, without relying on HR

Allow quick data entry

Empower administrators to make adjustments on the fly using quick entries for things like bonuses, retroactive payments, and one-time deductions

Executive dashboards

Arm your managers and executive leadership with valuable payroll insights so that they can make more informed and better business decisions

Get mobile access

Let your employees access their own important pay information from their mobile device. Users can access earnings statements and tax information at any time

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