Effectively cover complete recruitment life cycle activities starting from raising resource request till the person becomes an employee…

Attract the best talent

Get a broader reach for job postings, social sharing capabilities and a candidate-friendly application process

Look for right fit

Expedite the process screening, ranking and filtering options so that the recruiters and hiring managers can focus mainly on the right candidates

Reduce time to hire

Shorten, streamline, remove the manual processes; share the application data and provide visibility to the whole hiring team

Link KPI's to recruitment

Link Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to recruitment so that they can be tracked easily and effortlessly

Manage job requests

Manage job requirements, compare candidates, identify the right skills and expertise; communicate with the hiring team to collaboratively and quickly fill open positions

Create embedded portal

Embed / link the candidate portal on your website; and this lets the candidates easily search and apply for suitable roles. Internal employees can also apply directly on this portal

Mark only internal jobs

Set some criteria and mark some jobs exclusively for internal employees. These postings will be visible only to internal candidates

Outreach your job postings

Create linkages to post and promote your open positions to job boards / job sites and social media so that the top candidates will see them

Simplify application process

Provide interactive, positive and engaging experience to potential candidates during application process; gather important information; screen for needed skills, take quick decisions

Simplify screening process

View all the important candidate information in one place. Initiate screening, compare and display the results and make informed hiring decisions

Pre-screen candidates

Save time and efforts on pre-screening and focus your efforts on qualified candidates only. Akrivia HCM automatically ranks candidates through knockout questionnaire and scoring responses

Share notes

Achieve better information sharing with your team and reduce the back and forth communication through share notes and supporting documentation uploadper candidate

Grow a talent pool

Easily build and maintain best talent pool from past and present applications along with suitable remarks. Find best matches for a pipeline of future opportunities through extensive filter option

Automate offer management

You can streamline the offer process, quickly build offer letters from customizable templates, send them directly to the selected candidate and save time

Perform analytics

Track different metrics and analytics at every stage through interactive dashboards

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