Clock time & attendance, track compliance, make way for effective and hassle-free payroll

Track time your way

Choose from a variety of biometric devices, configure and track attendance. Track your mobile taskforce timings through geo-tracking option

Save on gross payroll

Take the advantage of clock punches that calculate to the minute, validate against schedules for accuracy, realize cost savings in gross payroll

Record time & attendance

Review, edit, resolve exceptions, and authorize pay from a single screen. Save these transaction details for record-keeping purposes also

Save time and effort

Configure / integrate range of biometric devices of your convenience, check-in / check-out effortlessly. Clock your mobile taskforce timing through geo-tracking

Track and manage

Keep track and manage all your employees’ attendance with ease. Track and manage your mobile workforce and geo-location workforce also in an integrated fashion

Manage shifts/flexible times

Assign shifts & break times differently to different employees at different times; assign flexible timings to an employee / group temporarily or permanently; track violations

View reports

View interactive graphical representations and applicable reports through filters such as shift type, date, employee locations, shift deviations, permissions, violations and more

Achieve compliance

Instantly flag violations in Time & attendance for federal, state, local, and company-specific pay policies in real time; eliminate manual processes and reconciliation efforts

Improve accountability

Make employee accountable for his/her time, work and duration, improve ownership and accountability; address potential issues, avoid surprises on payday

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